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Digital Strategy Advisory Group (DSAG)

The Digital Strategy Advisory Group (DSAG) is a standing committee of the UWA Strategic Information Technology and Information Management Committee (SITIMC).

Role and responsibilities

The roles of the Digital Strategy Advisory Group are to:

  1. Provide expert advice to SITIMC on strategy, management and planning for digital engagement at UWA in close alignment with the overall mission, strategies and operational needs of the University.
  2. Provide expert advice to the Strategic Information Technology and Information Management Committee on matters relating to:
    1. Delivery of digital information and services in online, social and mobile spaces.
    2. Development of a University Digital Strategic Plan and annual operational plans.
    3. Development of digital policies.
    4. Coherent and consistent high quality user experience and engagement in the online, social and mobile space.
  3. Provide annual reporting to SITIMC of progress against approved digital strategic and operational plans.

In carrying out its role, the standing committee must give due consideration to approved University objectives and priorities as set out in Strategic and Operational Priorities Plans and the Constitution of the Strategic Information Technology and Information Management Committee.

2014-2015 Membership

2014-2015 membership will be announced when finalised. The committee will be comprised of:

  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Community and Engagement), DVC(CE), as Chair
  • Chief Information Officer
  • President of the Guild or nominee
  • President of the Postgraduate Students’ Association or nominee
  • The Manager, University Website Office
  • Up to three senior staff from the Community Engagement portfolio nominated by the DVC(CE)
  • A nominee of the Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee
  • A nominee of the Chair of the Research Committee
  • A nominee of the DVC(Education) to represent the interests of the student experience
  • A nominee of the Registrar and Executive Director, Corporate Services
  • A nominee of the Chief Operating Officer
  • Up to three Faculty representatives nominated by Faculty Deans
  • Up to three co-opted members as required for balance and specific expertise

The Digital Strategy Advisory Group may invite experts to attend meetings to provide authoritative advice on specific areas or agenda items.

Agendas, minutes and reports

Agendas, minutes and reports are available to committee members, invitees and executive assistants via a restricted access Sharepoint site administered by the Executive Officer.