Information Governance Services

TRIM Records Manager upgrade

TRIM has had a minor makeover and the new version looks and behaves a little differently. See below for important information about the new version.

Note: IGS will update this page over the next few weeks whenever we have something important to report about the new version. Please check back regularly for updates. 

When did the upgrade happen?

The upgrade occurred over the weekend of the 13th and 14th of June. The new version was available for business as usual from Monday 15 June 2015

Notice: Document Content Searching

The new version of TRIM Records Manager has a new advanced search engine. Due to significant changes to the underlying architecture of this new engine, document content indexed from our previous version of TRIM needed to be re-indexed with the new IDOL search engine. We encountered some issues during the re-indexing process, however the issues have now been resolved. Document Content searching is now available for all applicable electronic documents managed in TRIM (note that electronic scans of paper documents are not searchable unless they have been OCR’d prior to being captured in TRIM).

Should you require any assistance with document content searching, please contact our TRIM help desk

Keyboard shortcuts

Some users lost their keyboard shortcuts after the upgrade. To re-enable the default Keboard shortcuts, (from TRIM Records Manager) go to View>Toolbars>Customise, click on the Keyboard tab, press the 'Reset All' button, click Yes and then Close

Icon and name change

TRIM has been rebranded and renamed by the vendors, HP. We will continue to use the name TRIM at UWA to refer to the application. However you will no longer see the word “TRIM” appear with the icon, instead you will see “HP Records Manager”.

TRIM and Records Manager icons

New Global Toolbar

We have streamlined the Global Toolbar so that there are fewer icons cluttering your screen. Some items have been attached to menus so that you can find related functions more easily. Click on an icon that has a triangle to the right to see the additional functions. All users will need to get the new global settings after the upgrade. Refer to our Global Settings - Setting up TRIM for first use User Guide (requires Pheme login)

TRIM RM Global Toolbar with menus

My File Save As button no longer goes to TRIM, how do I save MS Office documents to TRIM now?

There is a new HP Records Manager tab that is available on the Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project application ribbons. Note: Even if you already see the new HP Records Manager tab, you will still need to re-enable some of your integration settings via TRIM Records Manager after the upgrade. Refer to our Integration with Microsoft applications User Guide (requires Pheme login)

MS Office integration - Records Manager tab 

The search functionality looks different, how do I find things in TRIM now?

Basic searching should seem fairly familiar. However there have been some enhancements that may be a little confusing at first. Refer to our new Finding Records in TRIM Records Manager User Guide for searching tips (requires Pheme login)

Saved Searches

Due to changes to the underlying search engine, existing TRIM saved searches will no longer work in the new version and will need to be recreated. Please contact the TRIM help desk if you require assistance with saved searches: 6488 3023.

What should I do if I don't have the new Records Manager icon on my computer after the upgrade?

All BITS managed computers had the new TRIM Records Manager software deployed to them on the afternoon of Sunday 14th June running through to the evening of Tuesday 16th June.

If your computer was turned off or not connected to the UWA network during this time then your computer may now require a manual installation of the new TRIM Records Manager software. If you still have the old TRIM icon instead of the new Records Manager Icon you will need to Create a New Incident through the BITS Service Desk, requesting that your computer have the new TRIM software deployed.

Please provide your PC number (this is usually on the top or side of your computer) when you submit the ticket.  

Additional information about how to contact the BITS Service Desk can be found in the BITS Service Catalogue