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WebDrawer User Guide

WebDrawer is a search facility available to University staff and guests for browsing electronic Position Documentation held in TRIM Records Manager

Use the Quick Search box (single search method), or the multi-field Search Form (combine up to three search methods) to find Position Descriptions and Advertisements in TRIM WebDrawer. 

Basic searching using the Quick Search

Quick Search Box

Position Descriptions

In the Quick Search box, type the position number (this is the faster search) or the position title, then click Quick Search to run the search

Standard Position Descriptions

In the Quick Search box, type: standard position description. If you would like to refine the search to a particular level number, include the level number with a wildcard (*) on either side. E.g. standard position description *7*


In the Quick Search box, type: advertisement followed by the position number or position title using a wildcard (*) after the word advertisement and on either side of the position number and position title. E.g.: Advertisement* *Manager* *9*  

Use wildcards (*) with your search clauses if your searches are not returning the expected results. 

Advanced searching using the multi-field Search Form

WebDrawer Search Form 

Combine up to 3 search clauses using the 'AND' and 'OR' buttons. 

Choose relevant search methods from the 'Select' boxes and then enter search criteria into the 'Equal To' boxes.

Leave the 'Exact string match" boxed ticked when searching for words grouped together in a specific order. Un-tick when searching for a group of words that may be in any order.

Click on Search (under the top banner) to access the WebDrawer multiple field Search Form

The available search methods are outlined below:

  • Contact Location
    Include a Business Unit, or Faculty name in your search to refine the results to positions within a particular area, e.g.: Energy and Minerals Institute

    Tip! Include a wildcard with just part of the unit name, e.g.: *minerals*

Viewing documents in WebDrawer

Click on the Document Title, this will take you into the document 'properties'. Click on the Links/Actions button (in the top right hand corner) and select Document to download the document. Note: you can also chose Preview to see an HTML version of the document in your web browser, just be aware that the formatting will not be the same as when you download the Word / RTF document. Embedded images (such as organisational charts) may not display in HTML view