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  • Records management policies

If you would like to request a new file, policy number or to transfer records to the Archives, use the appropriate form listed below.

If you are unsure of which file type you need contact Records Management Services.

  1. UWA Folder
  2. Personnel File
  3. Research Administration File
  4. New volume
  5. Facilities Management Asset Project File
  6. Records transfer to University Archives
  7. University Policy request
  8. TRIM access request

UWA Folder (Supersedes General File)

Request up to five (5) UWA Folders using the New UWA Folder application form.

As of 01/01/2017 Records Management Services has implemented the use of a new record series in TRIM. The new file series, UWA FOLDER, will replace the GENERAL FILE record series and will be used to manage a wide range of administrative records.

The introduction of the new file series has been timed to coincide with and reflect the implementation of the UWA Renewal organisational structure. 

When requesting more than five (5) new UWA Folders at once, use the Bulk File Requests spreadsheet. Instructions on its use are included within.

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Personnel File

Request a Personnel File.

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Research Administration File

To request up to five (5) Research Administration Files, use the Research Administration File application form.

To request more than five (5) Research Administration Files at once, use the Bulk File Requests spreadsheet. 

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New volume

To request further volumes of any existing TRIM:

  • General
  • Personnel, or
  • Research Administration File

use the new volume request form.

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Facilities Management Asset Project File

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Records transfer to University Archives

Complete and attach the Records transfer form with all transfers of records to the University Archives. Note: There are some conditions that must first be met, refer to our advice for Transferring of Records to University Archives.

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University Policy request

Request a new University Policy number.

Drafting a University Policy

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Application for Access to TRIM

To gain access to the University's electronic document and records management system, you will need to apply for an account. A link to the online application form is available here.

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