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Request a new UWA Folder

Further information

Bulk File Requests

When requesting more than five (5) UWA Folders at once use the Bulk folder requests spreadsheet. Instructions on its use are included within.

New volume requests

If you would like to request a new volume for an existing file use the New volume request form.

Contact us

If you have any queries please contact Records Management Services on (+63 8) 6488 3024 or email us at: [email protected]

To ensure that new folders are created as quickly as possible, follow these directions:

  • Always include your full contact details so we can quickly clarify anything with you.
  • Include enough detail in your proposed folder title to clearly identify the subject/content of the folder and enable future searching and retrieval.
  • Avoid using punctuation in folder titles. Separate elements of the folder title using hyphen ( - )
  • Include the full name (and abbreviation if applicable) of any organisations which appear in the file title (e.g. Records Management Services RMS).
  • Use the Further Assistance section to add any additional notes or explanatory comments which may assist us in making up the folder

Tip! Use TRIM to search for folders similar to the one you are requesting for titling hints. To see the full list of available classification terms in TRIM, go to Search > Browse Via Classifications (or click Ctrl+F3) then click on the + signs to see lower terms.

Refer to for more information about the security applied to UWA Folders in TRIM.


Requesting officer's details


Only required for paper folder requests.

Proposed folder title

You can use this form to request up to 4 more folders with the same Function, Activity and Subject but different free text

Security and Access Controls

If yes, provide details of access requirements below

Enter the names of the function/business unit requiring access

Enter names of sub units/teams requiring access

Enter position names (including the position numbers) requiring access

Enter details of group or caveat

*Use with caution (refer to security and access guidelines) Enter the names of specific staff requiring access

Related Records

Enter the TRIM record numbers of any existing records that you would like the new folder to be related to

Further Assistance

Please select Yes if you would like a member of the Records Management Services team to contact you to discuss titling or security arrangements for the new folder

If Yes, please provide details of the intended content of the new folder. This information will aid RMS staff in determining the appropriate classification/titling for the folder.