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Managing Central administration records

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Debra Paisley, Information Governance Services (IGS)

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University administrative staff from faculties and central administration will gain an understanding of your record keeping roles and responsibilities.

Workshop purpose and scope

Intended audience
University administrative staff from faculties and central administration.
Workshop description
Every staff member at UWA is responsible for ensuring that they are aware of, and comply with the University’s record keeping standards, policies and procedures. By attending this short information session you will gain an awareness of your responsibilities in relation to record keeping in your role as a UWA staff member.
Intended outcomes
By attending this presentation you will gain:
  • an understanding of legal and university record keeping requirements
  • an understanding of your record keeping responsibilities as a member of staff
  • awareness of the role of Information Governance Services (IGS) in assisting you to meet record keeping requirements
  • awareness of further training available from IGS
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  • Courses are free to UWA staff and affiliates and PhD students, except where a fee is indicated.
  • A cancellation fee may apply for non-attendees.
  • UWA staff and affiliates receive priority access to the sessions. Enrolments will be confirmed after applications have closed.
  • Non-UWA participants are charged $100 per hour, and can attend subject to availability. Staff working in other universities receive a 20 per cent discount.