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Record keeping awareness

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Policies applying to University records


Records at UWA are subject to legislative requirements and University policies

Requirements of staff

Registrar's Operational Priorities Plan (OPP)

Every member of staff has certain record keeping responsibilities to ensure that business processes are carried out efficiently and to enable the University to meet its legislative requirements.

  1. Governance
  2. Create and capture
  3. Find, use and share
  4. Store and protect
  5. Keep or destroy

Information governance

Information governance encompasses the processes, roles, standards and metrics we use to ensure the effective and efficient use of information to enable the University to achieve its goals.

Information governance relates to the way in which information is managed as an asset to support University outcomes. It ensures that risk and compliance standards, and policies and legislation issues, are identified and addressed to ensure the information we create and keep is retained and can be accessed for as long as required. Information governance, therefore, is an essential part of University governance.

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Create and capture

It is important that staff are creating and capturing the sufficient information to provide evidence of their actions and decisions and to support the ongoing business of the University. This section will give you more information to assist you to meet these requirements.

New general file requests, including requests for new volumes, can be made online.

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Find, use and share

The ability to quickly locate the right information is crucial to the effective and efficient operation of the University, as is the ability to easily share information and collaborate with others. This section provides tips on how to find records as well as important information on the use of cloud services for collaborative purposes.

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Store and protect

Some records are so crucial to the running of the University that they are called “Vital Records”, and other records are of such enduring value that they must be retained forever. These records are called “Archives”. This section will explain how to identify Vital Records and Archives, and what you need to do to ensure that they appropriately protected over time.

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Keep or destroy

There are legal requirements that determine how long University information must be kept. This could be any period from a few hours to forever depending on the record’s content.

Minimum retention periods for University information are dictated by legal documents called Disposal Authorities, and the process of using a disposal authority is called “Sentencing”. This section gives you all the information you need to know in order to ensure that you are meeting the University’s legal requirements regarding records’ retention.

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