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Document management and shared network drives

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For advice on organising and managing information on shared network drives refer to Implementing and using the UWA Shared Network Structure - UWA staff Pheme login required - or contact Information Governance Services.

Maintaining your documents stored on University equipment and file shares.

All information received, created or used in the course of work activities should be managed as a record. This includes digital information in documents, spread sheets, emails, databases, images, audio and video files, presentations and scanned materials.

For UWA business units that do not yet have access to the enterprise Electronic Document and Records Management System EDRMS (TRIM) shared network drives are primarily used to manage this information.

Information Governance Services (IGS) recommends that business units follow the actions below to ensure network drives are always maintained in a way that will ensure we meet UWA business and legal requirements.

Duplication and consolidation

  • identify and remove duplicate records, ephemeral and reference documentation on the shared drive that is no longer required. These may include but are not limited to copies of minutes, agenda, circulars, procedures and external publications no longer required for reference
  • ensure all work related information is moved out of your own 'Documents' folder to an appropriate folder with appropriate security on a shared network drive
  • if your area uses TRIM for electronic document management it is important to transfer documents held on the shared drive to appropriate folders in TRIM and delete any copies of documents on the shared drive that are already in TRIM
  • delete empty network drive folders
  • where possible consolidate network folders containing similar or related documentation to reduce the total number of folders being managed such as consolidating information held in multiple folders relating to the same project
  • ensure that only work-related information is stored in your network 'Documents' and 'Shared' folders. If you store music, photos or other personal items your local IT unit can assist in creating a personal space on your computer for these items.

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Consider what security is required for information within network folders and whether the current access is appropriate or needs amendment.

Older or inactive information that is no longer required or accessed must NOT be removed or deleted. These folders and the files they contain need to be retained on the network drive pending future appraisal by IGS for legislative and historical purposes.

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