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Request a new Research Administration File

Complete the form below to submit your new research administration file request.

To ensure your file(s) are created as quickly as possible, ensure that all of the fields on this online form are completed as requested. Pay particular attention to:

  • Spelling: whatever spelling you use in the details of this form will be used in the title for your new research file.
  • Bulk File Requests: if you wish to place a bulk file request (more than five requests at once), then instead use the Bulk File Request Spreadsheet, and complete the details as instructed.

Note: Online requests will be returned to you for correcting if details are incomplete or inaccurate.

If you require any further help, contact Records Management Services on (+61 8) 6488 3024 or by email.

Requesting officer's details

Proposed file title

Please note that the keyword for ALL new Research Administration files will be "RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION". Do not change this field.

The "activity" descriptor is used to broadly title what type of Research Administration file you are creating. For example, if you wish to create a new Animal Ethics file, then choose the option - "Animal Ethics".

If you have chosen to create a new Research Grant or Fellowship file, please type in the name of the funding body (e.g. Australian Research Council ARC) in the field below. Please note you can type well known abreviations here to save time, but the file will be titled using the full name e.g. ARC, NHMRC etc

If you are creating a new Animal Ethics, Human Ethics, Biosafety or Radiation file, please select the "subject" descriptor from the most appropiate option below.

File metadata

Please list any internal contacts (e.g. Researchers) for the new file in the field below. Please include only UWA researchers in this field. Type in the Researchers Name, followed by which School or Faculty they belong to e.g. Dr P Smith (School of Oil and Gas Engineering); A/Prof Terrance Williams (School of Population Health) etc.

Please list any external contacts (e.g. Researchers) for the new file in the field below. Please include only researchers who DO NOT work at UWA in this field. Type in the Researchers Name, followed by their department or organisation e.g. Dr L McWaters (Australian Research Council); Mr T M Jones (Department of Minerals and Energy) etc.

Please enter any Research ID codes used for the new file. Please note that this field is not mandatory.

Related records

Alternatively within

Please specify the TRIM record number/s for the document/s you wish to link eg R06/1234.

Email notification of new file (workflow)

If you would like to apply workflow on this new file, please list who the file needs to be sent to for action. (e.g. Rob; Liz; Vicky; Colin)

Additional Information

For ethics file submissions, please include the new Record Number. Please note Country of Origin if applicable.