Information Governance Services

TRIM Security and Access Controls

Security and access guidelines for information managed in the TRIM Records Manager system.

TRIM security has been redesigned to support the UWA Renewal 2017 organisational structure as per the Service Delivery Model Design, published on 14 October 2016 (and SPP Design Corrected version, published on 18 October 2016).

Any changes to the organisational structure of your functional unit, including the addition of new positions,  must be provided to Records Management Services as soon as possible so that we can continue to ensure the integrity of the University’s information in TRIM.

Access Controls for the UWA Folder Record Type

By default, the UWA Folder record type (including contents) can be accessed by anyone with an active TRIM account. Open access enables working across boundaries and supports a One University culture. In some cases, however, there may be a business requirement to restrict some of the University’s more sensitive or confidential information.

When submitting a request for a new UWA Folder, you should give careful consideration to the access requirements of the information that will be captured into the folder. Consider not only your immediate area, but also any other areas across the University that may require access to this information in order to facilitate effective collaboration.

Choose the highest appropriate level (e.g.: whole of functions/units/teams) when requesting access restrictions and remember to include Service Delivery Centre Heads and their EAs where applicable.

Some examples have been provided to help you to determine the most appropriate security for your information, however, should you require additional assistance please contact Records Management Services on 6488 3024 or [email protected]

Note: All records in TRIM are accessible to the TRIM Support Team, TRIM system administrators, and Freedom of Information staff.

The Head of your functional unit and the Executive Assistant(s) to the Head will also be included as standard on all UWA Folders.