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TRIM Content Manager Upgrade - March 2019

In order to ensure that TRIM remains compatible with current operating systems and supported by the vendor, TRIM was successfully upgraded from HP Records Manager 8.1 to HPE Content Manager 9.1 on 18 March 2019.

What will I need to do to when I first log in to TRIM after the upgrade?

Get Global Settings

Refer to the TRIM Guide - Global Settings for details on how to apply the custom global settings.

Enable Office Integration

Refer to the TRIM Guide - Integration with Microsoft Office Applications for details on how to enable integration between TRIM and core MS Office applications.

Apply your preferred customised settings

Refer to the TRIM Guide - Customising TRIM for details on how to apply your preferred customisations in TRIM Content Manager.

Drag and drop any documents you were working on during the upgrade period back into TRIM

If you created and worked on any SuperCopy(s) of TRIM documents during the upgrade period you will need to drag and drop your edited SuperCopy back onto the document in TRIM to create a new revision.

What’s new in TRIM HPE Content Manager?

New TRIM application name and icon

New TRIM Application Name and Icon

The new icon will replace the existing HP Records Manager icon on your desktop as part of the upgrade rollout process for centrally supported computers.

What should I do if the new HPE Content Manager is not on my desktop after the upgrade?

If your computer was turned off or is not connected to the UWA network during the upgrade period then your computer may now require a manual installation of the new TRIM Content Manager application.

If you still have the old TRIM icon instead of the new Content Manager icon you will need to contact Uni IT via the Service Desk, and request that your computer have the new TRIM software deployed.

Please provide your PC number when you submit the request.

Toolbars replaced with Ribbons

To be consistent with current MS Office applications the TRIM toolbars have been replaced with ribbons.

New UWA TRIM Ribbon

A customised UWA TRIM ribbon containing the majority of icons commonly used by UWA TRIM users has been created as part of the TRIM Global Settings.

New UWA TRIM ribbon

Document spell checking functionality dialog box in TRIM

Document title spellchecking functionality

The Document Title field in TRIM now has spellchecking functionality similar to Word that will assist you to identify when you include misspelled a word in a document title. This functionality should result in an improvement to TRIM document title data quality and increase the success rate of Title Word searches that require an exact spelling match.

Changes to Outlook Integration

The Catalogue button has been replaced by the Check In button on the HPE Content Manager integration ribbon.

Note: Saving individual emails can only be done from the HPE Content Manager tab using the Check In button. The right mouse click Catalogue menu option is no longer available in this version of TRIM.

New Check In button in HP Content ManagerNew Catalogue Checkin button

Significant change to how to link Outlook Folders to TRIM Folders

There is no longer a ‘Create Link’ icon. To link an Outlook Folder to a folder in TRIM to streamline the capture of emails to TRIM you will need to select create a custom ‘Check In Style’ in TRIM and then link it to an Outlook folder.

Refer to the TRIM Guide - Linking Outlook Folders to TRIM for more details.

New TRIM Document Record Type Containment Rules

HPE Content Manager dialog box

Functionality that prevents document/container record type mismatches will be turned on. This means that, for example, you will not be able to save a GENERAL DOCUMENT to a STUDENT FILE. If you attempt to do this you will receive an error message and you will need to cancel the document registration process and start over ensuring that you select the correct record type depending on what sort of record you are saving. Refer to the TRIM Guide - Saving Records to TRIM for more details.

This functionality ensures that all records saved to TRIM inherit the correct security based on both the container record and the record type.